Big Girl Art

by Dolores Dagenais

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released May 1, 2010

Tracks 1 to13 written and performed by Dolores Dagenais (vocals & rhythm guitar). Produced by David Partridge, (additional instruments and arrangement, background vocals, guitar, keys and virtual instruments) Lead guitars, dobro, steel and mandolin by Robert "Buck" Wilburn. Violin (Daisy on the Roof) by Larry Rice. Benjamin the studio dog on dog collar percussion.

*Bonus Track 14 "Never Seen the Mountains" written/performed and published by David Partridge, guest vocal by Dolores Dagenais, additional vocals and guitar leads by Robert "Buck" Wilburn. "Never Seen the Mountains" copyright David Partridge used with permission.


all rights reserved



Dolores Dagenais Pictou, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Weeping Tiles
Weeping Tiles (D.Dagenais)
Flies in the sugar bowl, bees in the jam. Screen door hanging by a hinge
And the pipes are full of sand but there’s a light on in the kitchen
There’s a coffee and a nook with a chair to rest your bones in
For your hat there is a hook

Home is where the heart resides. It’s not the roof it’s not the size
not the windows not the doors, not the ceilings not the floor
it’s the weeping tiles

hole in the window where the rain comes in and all the walls still groan in the wind
but it’s dry down in the basement and it’s warm on every floor
and nothing’s moving this foundation the rest is nothing less or more

and there’s no crack in this concrete and the cellar doesn’t leak
so all those rains will move around us directed by the pipes and
the weeping tiles
Track Name: Big Girl
Big Girl (D.Dagenais)
Maybe someday I’ll have a big girl voice,
wear big girl shoes make big girl choices
And I won’t have to sound like I’m weak
or need you for the harmonies
or lie that I’m a soprano
When I know that I I am an alto
and I’m strong enough
to run my own show
when I’m a big girl

Maybe someday I’ll have a big girl car
wear big girl clothes make big girl art
And I won’t have to look like I’m weak
or need you to take care of me
Or lie that I’m not your equal
in all I have been,
and all I have been through
I won’t walk behind,
but I’ll walk beside you I am a big girl

Father and brother, cousin and friend
don’t make me less,
less than I am
I may be small
but I can’t pretend that I’m not a big girl

Maybe someday I’ll have big girl life
not as mother, lover, sister, wife
Those definitions fit too tight
when there’s more to you than meets the eye
Like poets and painters carpenters
, sailors, soldiers and tinkers
Who don’t give a damn
of what you might think her
she is a big girl.
Track Name: When I Didn't Know How to Sing
When I Didn’t Know How to Sing (D.Dagenais)
I never knew you but I knew you well
from a song on the radio a night hot as hell
I laid on my bed my feet on the wall
head to the speaker

with your voice in my heart
both broken in some part
your words in my soul
when I didn't know how to sing

You never knew me
but you knew me best
stole all your best lines out of my chest
while I was dancing with a shadow
I knew that had no face
but it was you in my arms
when my arms were empty
comfort and kindness
when I didn't know how to sing

years can change a lot of things,
memories among them
and innocence and belief
can be wrung from them
but I remember you and me
the summer I was 13
and your song in my mind
and my mind was open
your voice in my heart
before it was broken
your soul in my soul
when I didn't know how to sing

and I never knew you but I knew you well....
Track Name: Nightingale Song
Nightingale Song (D.Dagenais)
Blue bird, at my window
can you pull down the color of the sky
Put it in my true loves eyes

Pretty raven,
on the evening air
can you pull down the color of the night
Put it in my true loves hair

A rose from a cardinal, a cloud from a dove
For the lips and the skin of the one that I love
But he needs a voice, for singing along
Can you lend him your nightingale song?

Phoenix with your crimson wings
And you fold him in your silky fire
fill him with a pure desire
Track Name: Daisy On the Roof
Daisy On the Roof (D.Dagenais)
There is a wild flower growing in the city
It’s home a tall tower, window box pretty
Does it ever think about the wide open spaces?
Does it ever miss the rest of the earth it embraces?
With its roots- Daisy on the roof - Daisy on the roof

There is a girl who waters it daily
she tends it well and re-pots it yearly
She has never seen the sight of wide open spaces
Her feet have never touched the soil that she places
At its roots- Daisy on the roof

Somewhere down in her blood her soul still remembers
The generations that were born
to surrender to the sand
People of the land – people of the land

Her night is filled with the sounds of traffic
No cricket lullaby, just deadly racket
She needs to dream about a place that is better
Opens a window and climbs up the ladder to her proof - Daisy on the roof

She keeps a scrapbook full of care weathered faces
She knows their names and all the dates
and the places that they died
She keeps them all inside – she keeps them all inside
Track Name: Pyramids of Stars
Pyramids of Stars (D.Dagenais)
There’s a man at the window studying the sky
There’s a woman in the station waving goodbye
To the boy in the uniform who has his father’s eyes
Oh prophesize, tell me everything is gonna be alright
And he’ll be back again

Mother hold your son, Father hold your tongue
Cause you can’t change the path he’s on
You can’t change what he’s become
Pyramids of stars flags on mahogany
Pyramids of stars mementos and memories

There’s a girl in a rain coat a small boy by her side
Green grass and gray stones in a weeping autumn sky
And the man in the uniform puts a token in her arms
Track Name: Present Situation
Present Situation (D.Dagenais)
I’ve had trouble in my life I’ve seen sorrow,
I’ve seen strife
They tell me that all good things come to stay...
for those who wait
Somehow that doesn’t make
the present situation seem ok

I’m not looking for a saviour
and I’m not looking for a sign
I’ve got these two hands
and I can take what’s mine
That’s the present situation

I’ve had my share of ups and downs
I’ve been robbed and pushed around
They tell me that the meek will still inherit the Earth
on judgment day
Somehow that doesn’t make
the present situation seem ok

I’m not looking for your answers
while I’ve got questions of my own
I got what I got and I got what I own
That’s the present situation

We run around in circles, we run around in pain
We give ourselves the run around
then find someone to blame

I’m not looking for forgiveness;
I don’t want you to atone
I got what I got and
I got it on my own
That’s the present situation
Track Name: Talking to Jack
Talking to Jack (D.Dagenais)

I’ve been talking to Joe
And he says that’s the way it goes
With men like you
Who like to play around

I’ve been talking to Bill
The male perspective on the thrill
Of the cheating that you done
And all the reasons I should run

Tonight the barroom lights are low
The band is playing something soft and slow
And all the good advice won’t save me now
I want you back, when I’ve been talking to Jack.

I’ve been talking to Mike
And he thinks that he might like
To take a turn with me
On the dance floor tonight
I shake my head and order up a shot instead
Another round, for the fool and the clown

Tonight the cold star light shines down
I wander to your cheating side of town
And thank the Lord above that your window is black
‘Cause I want you back, when I’ve been talking to Jack.
Track Name: San Diego
San Diego (D.Dagenais)
Oh San Diego, Oh Malibu
With your pink Barbie castles
And you divided wealth
kings and peasants too

I read the news
about the mansions that went up
But not a single word
about this old man’s cardboard box
Oh San Diego

The wild fires blew in
on the Santa Anna wind
And ashes fell like snowflakes,
covered up the swimming pools
Houses lit like kindling

On the ridge I stood
and looked down on the wealth
And for tonight I thought
everyone is like myself
Homeless in San Diego

You know the fire didn’t care
who you were or what you owned
It took the last thing that I had
that I considered home
That picture of you in San Diego
Track Name: Might Fly Away
Might Fly Away (D.Dagenais)

You say that I’m a blue bird
I might stay, but I might fly away
hey I might fly away.

And you smile like a cat with a canary
But I’m wild and I know when to be wary

So throw your seeds out on the lawn
If you really want to hear a song
Here I am and here I’m gone I might fly away
hey I might fly away

Cause I know that you can never own me
And I’ll go baby and leave you lonely
Track Name: Obviously
Obviously (D.Dagenais)

Nobody loves you, like I love you
Give me the times of day
give me the watch give me the chain
Give me the time it takes
to make you see these
Obvious things...obvious things,

I got what you need
And I won’t wear a disguise,
just look in my eyes my heart’s on my sleeve
obviously, obviously, obviously

Nobody could want you,
the way that I want you
Give me a pass to go,
give me the rock, give me the roll
Give me the sign to show you,
even if I gotta show you slow

Obvious things,
I got what you need
and I won’t keep it away,
I won’t make you play
20 questions with me obviously, obviously, obviously

I know there was a time
when you thought your heart was broken
And you threw it away, well I gotta say that
One man’s trash is another man’s token obviously
Track Name: Pushing Flowers
Pushing Flowers (D.Dagenais)
Everyone’s a hero when they’re dead and gone
Every little loser finds they suddenly belong
On a stony alter with a candle
and a rose
that’s the way she goes

She didn’t love you when you were here
she won’t tattoo her arm
She won’t wear her mourning for a year
or write you a song

They can forget your arrogance
but she moans in her sleep
They can forget the cruel remarks.
It’s a secret she keeps

It’s so much easier
to mourn the ones you love
than the ones you can’t forgive
It’s so much easier to
love the ones who’ve gone
than the ones who live

Everyone is beautiful when they’re pushing flowers every ugly mother fucker is suddenly embowered
with a silver halo;
holy and untainted the truth gets painted

They can forget how much they hated
the way you use to rant
They can forget how much you hurt them,
she finds she can’t

Hope everyone is patient
and kinder up in heaven
and every mudsling critic
finds themselves forgiven
standing at the pearly gates
With a mouth full of derision
I hope they let you in.
Track Name: Never Seen the Mountains
Never Seen The Mountains (D. Partridge)

Got a letter just this morning,
at the bottom was her name
On a jumbo jet to Switzerland
she saw the sea.
She wrote to me,
“From my window seat the sea all looks the same.”

We were living near the harbour
and the sea was in our lives
And our loving rose and fell but it was never still,
At least until the Alps replaced the ocean in her eyes.

So many roads and lands
If you would just ease your grip on my hands
I’ve discovered that I can’t find
what I’m searching for
holding you near.
You know I’ve never seen the mountains and
The mountains seem a long way from here.

I’ve been thinking that I really ought to
drop that girl a line
‘Cause she took the time,
uncapped her pen and wrote to me
I believe I know just what I’ll say in mine.
“You know I’ve never been to Zurich and I’ve got myself to blame
I have mountains of my own, I’ll travel good and far
To where the Rockies are
I just hope that ocean doesn’t look the same”.
So many roads inland...

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